How to Increase Followers on Facebook in 2021 🔥👍 (3 Easy Steps)

Facebook Marketing 2021
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In this post, I'm going to show you how to increase your Facebook followers in 2021, using a quick and easy 3-step strategy. This method is 100% organic – meaning, you'll be able to increase your Facebook followers for free.

This strategy works effectively whether you're using it to grow your following on your personal profile or on a Facebook Page you own or manage. I'll also give you a free gift that's going to help you put everything we cover throughout this guide into practice and start getting results with it all as soon as possible (so make sure to read until the end for that gift).

So let's go ahead and dive into the strategy...

Note: If you'd like to watch my video for it instead of reading this article, you can click the video's thumbnail at the top of this page or watch it here on YouTube.

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    Step #1: What You Need to Do Before You Get Started

    Before we start jumping into the actual strategy on how to increase Facebook followers for your page or profile... you need to make sure you've activated the "Follower" feature in the first place.

    How you're going to go about this will depend on whether you want to build your following on your personal Facebook profile or on a Facebook Page.

    What's the Difference Between "Facebook Pages" vs. "Personal Profiles"?

    If you're new to Facebook marketing, then you might be confused about the difference between "pages" and "profiles." Before we proceed with the coming steps, it's important you understand the difference between the two.

    In summary, Pages are meant to represent brands or businesses, while profiles are meant to represent individuals. See the video below for a quick explanation:

    If you're using Facebook for business, then Facebook will undoubtedly recommend you create a "Page" instead of a profile. However, from my own experience I'd recommend not to make your decision based on Facebook's suggestion – because choosing the right type of account to use really depends on how you plan to use Facebook for your marketing.

    If you plan to use paid advertising, then Pages are the way to go. But if you're planning to build your following organically, then there's a major strategic advantage to using a personal profile instead because you'll be able to reach much more of your audience that way. Here's an article that goes into a bit more detail explaining why I recommend this approach.

    One of the concerns people often have about using their personal profile to build a brand is that Facebook doesn't like personal profiles being used for business (as reflected in their Terms of Service). This creates a concern that Facebook might ban you from the platform for using your profile to promote your business.

    While that's true, the risk really comes when you promote your business in a way that's spammy, which isn't a good approach to marketing your business anyways.

    As long as you focus on building a personal brand around you as the "hero" of your brand/business, and weave in your personality, story and everyday life into your marketing (rather than just posting a bunch of spammy links), you'll be fine using your profile to build your brand and audience. I've been doing it for years without an issue.

    How to Activate the "Follow" Button on Your Facebook Profile or Page

    As mentioned before, you'll need to make sure the "Follow" is activated on your profile or page before people can start following you.

    If you're using a page, then that's already taken of for you. By default, all pages already start with the ability for people to click "Follow", and whenever someone likes your page they also become a follower automatically.

    On the other hand, if you're building your audience on a personal profile, then you'll need to go into your settings to activate the "Follow" button. It only takes a few seconds to do. Here's a video that will walk you through the instructions on how to activate the "Follow" button on your Facebook profile:

    Once you've finished doing that, you can move on to the next steps...

    Step #2: Optimize Your Facebook Profile or Page

    Before you start attracting potential followers, it's important to make sure your profile is well-optimized – or else all of your efforts to attract followers will be wasted.

    What exactly do I mean when I say "well-optimized"?

    Essentially, when someone stumbles upon your profile or Facebook page, it shouldn't take them more than 5 seconds to figure out what you're about. If it takes any longer than that, most people will end up leaving your page and won't bother to follow you.

    So you might be wondering... how do you optimize your page to increase your Facebook followers?

    Below is a screenshot of my personal Facebook profile, which shows you some of the ways I'm using it to promote my business and make it crystal clear what I do:

    Facebook marketing 2021 - example of personal profile

    The end goal with optimizing your profile is to make sure that the specific types of people you want to attract see a clear reason why they should follow you (in other words... what's in it for them?)

    In my case, my profile makes it clear that I can help entrepreneurs grow their own "cult audience" online. So if someone who's looking at my profile happens to be an entrepreneur and they want to grow their following, then it's obvious to them why they should follow me or add me as a friend.

    If you need help figuring out how to optimize your profile, don't worry. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I'm going to give you a free gift, and it'll include a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up your profile the right way. You'll get the link to your free gift later in this article, so sit tight.

    Step #3: Find & Leverage Relevant Facebook Groups in Your Niche

    Once you've optimized your profile, the final step is to find a few highly-targeted active Facebook groups with a sizeable audience, where you can become an active member and build a reputation for yourself. Facebook groups are one of the most powerful hidden opportunities on the platform many people don't fully grasp.

    I wrote another article that talked more about why leveraging Facebook groups is so powerful, which you can check out here for a better understanding.

    But to keep a long story short – what you want to do is:

    1. Join the targeted Facebook groups you found. I recommend keeping it to 3-4 groups max because you don't want to spread yourself thin. The goal is to become a familiar face that people inside the group recognize.
    2. Set aside a time block everyday (an hour, two hours, or whatever time you can dedicate) to going inside of each of your targeted groups and engaging in conversation by reacting to and commenting on other peoples' posts and also by making your own posts inside the groups. Do NOT spam or get caught up in overt self-promotion. That will turn people off and probably get you banned from the groups. Instead your goal should be to answer people's questions, help them through their struggles, weigh in on conversations, and all around be as helpful as possible.

    As a result of your activities, people are naturally going to want to see who you are, so they'll end up clicking on your name to view your profile. This is why optimizing your profile in the beginning is so important.

    If your profile is well-optimized, then many of those people will send you friend requests or click the "Follow" button. Either way, they end up becoming followers and can now see anything you post to your profile as long as it's set to 'Public.' That gives you the opportunity to begin nurturing them through your content and promoting to them as well.

    Final Thoughts

    As you can see, the strategy is very simple. The key difference that separates the people who get results using this strategy and those who don't are 2 things:

    1. The people who get results do this on a consistent basis, while others do it sporadically. That's why it's so important to set aside a specific time block each day to engage inside of your targeted groups. By doing that, you'll become a familiar face that people recognize and trust, and ultimately want to follow and buy from.
    2. The people who get results also make sure to implement these techniques the right way. They don't half-ass it. They optimize their profile properly and provide genuine value inside of the groups.

    Lastly, Your Free Gift...

    To help you hit the ground running with this strategy, I recorded a free 2-part video training that will give you everything you need to avoid making mistakes and to ensure you're doing it the right way.

    All you have to do is enter your name and email address below, and I'll send it over to your inbox within the next 10 minutes...

    FREE GIFT: "How to Use FB Groups to Get a FLOOD of New Followers, Leads & Sales in the Next 30 Days (Without Running Paid Ads Or Ever Being Spammy)"

    Where Should I Send Your Free Training? Enter Your Name & Email Below...

    Zeky Ahmed

    About Zeky Ahmed

    Zeky Ahmed is the founder of - He helps impact-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of direct response marketing and the internet to build, monetize and scale their own highly-devoted and lucrative "cult" audiences online.

    If you'd like Zeky to help you grow your business and audience, click the button below to check out his flagship incubator program, Cult Builders Elite™.

    Zeky Ahmed

    About Zeky Ahmed

    Zeky Ahmed is the founder of - He helps impact-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of direct response marketing and the internet to build, monetize and scale their own highly-devoted and lucrative "cult" audiences online.

    If you'd like Zeky to help you grow your business and audience, click the button below to check out his flagship incubator program, Cult Builders Elite™.

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