Facebook Marketing in 2021 (3 Tips to Succeed Without Paid Ads)

Facebook Marketing 2021
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In this post, we're going to cover 3 Facebook marketing tips for 2021 to help you grow your business without having to rely on paid Facebook ads.

One of the big problems with Facebook marketing is the platform evolves very quickly. So what I'm going to share with you in this article are things that are working currently, which you can start putting into practice immediately.

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    Facebook Marketing Tip #1: Focus on Facebook Profiles & Groups instead of Pages

    One of the major mistakes people make with Facebook marketing in 2021 is they put too much of their focus into Facebook Pages instead of focusing on other avenues that Facebook gives you for marketing your business.

    If you go through Facebook's own marketing material to learn how to promote your business on the platform, their first piece of advice will often be to create a "Facebook Page."

    But what Facebook doesn't tell you is that over the years, they've drastically decreased the organic reach you get with Pages. Using pages can still be effective if your plan is to run paid Facebook ads (since you can't run ads without a page in the first place)...

    ...but if you're trying to use Facebook marketing with a more "organic" approach (i.e., do it without spending money on ads), then pages are really not the way to go.

    What you want to focus on instead is leveraging your personal profile in combination with Facebook groups.

    So let's dive into how exactly to do that...

    The 2 Ways to Leverage Groups for Your Facebook Marketing in 2021

    The first thing to understand when it comes to leveraging groups for your Facebook marketing in 2021 is that Facebook groups are now the "holy grail" of Facebook marketing.

    Mark Zuckerburg himself said that Facebook has decided to move their focus heavily towards Facebook groups, and it's been a major part of the company's focus for the past few years.

    It's to the point that they even invested in Super Bowl ads like this one to promote the Facebook Groups feature. Considering that Super Bowl ads go for more than $5 million per 30-second slot, it says a lot about how committed Facebook is to this new focus.

    So what does all of this mean for you?

    Well, when it comes to Facebook marketing in 2021, there are two main ways you can leverage Facebook groups to get more customers, build an audience and ultimately drive more business...

    Method #1 - Creating Your Own Facebook Group

    This method is very powerful because it allows you to build your own community, which means you'll have authority with the people in that group. That makes it very easy for you to sell with little friction (if done right) since you're able to build a very close and intimate relationship with your audience over time.

    In terms of how to go about doing that effectively, that would be a whole article in and of itself. I do plan to upload an video to my YouTube channel in the near future that will cover it in-depth, so if you'd like to get notified when that's available, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

    Method #2 - Leveraging Other Facebook Groups

    The second way to leverage groups for your Facebook marketing in 2021 is to strategically join other Facebook groups (that you don't own) where your target audience is active. By being an active part of those communities and positioning yourself the right way, you can attract attention to your business and convert members from those groups into fans, leads and customers.

    There's a science to how to find the right groups to target from within your niche, and what to do once you're inside of the groups in order to build credibility and drive attention to your business without being spammy or breaking any of the group's rules.

    It's a lot to cover in this article, so I recorded a free training to show you how to use this method. You can get instant access to the training by entering your name and email address below:

    FREE TRAINING: "How to Use FB Groups to Get a FLOOD of New Leads & Sales in the Next 30 Days (Without Running Paid Ads Or Ever Being Spammy)"

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    All in all, Facebook groups are by far the #1 way to use Facebook marketing to your advantage in 2021 (aside from paid ads of course).

    How to Leverage Your Personal Profile for Your Facebook Marketing in 2021

    The reason you want to focus on your personal profile more than on pages (when it comes to Facebook organic marketing) is because like I mentioned earlier in this article, Facebook has really killed the reach of pages over the last few years.

    I've seen pages, like the example below, that hundreds of thousands of people following them... but when you look at their actual content and the engagement they get on most posts, they're getting the same kind of engagement that I've gotten in posts on my personal profile with less than 5,000 Facebook friends.

    Facebook marketing 2021 - example of a page
    Facebook marketing 2021 - example of post from a page

    That's an engagement rate of about 0.01% per post on that page, based on the example above. Whereas on my personal profile, I've been able to get anywhere between 100-300 reactions per post with less than 5,000 friends on my list - an engagement rate of at least 2% per post.

    As you can see, there's a serious discrepancy between the organic reach you get with personal profiles and pages, which leans heavily in the favor of personal profiles.

    The nice thing about leveraging your personal profile for your Facebook marketing, is Facebook gives you a lot of marketing "real estate" to take advantage of. In other words, there are many elements of your profile that can be used for marketing - including your cover photo, your bio, the content you post, and more.

    Below is a screenshot of my personal Facebook profile, which shows you some of the ways I'm using it to promote my business and what I do:

    Facebook marketing 2021 - example of personal profile

    You want to take advantage of all of these different pieces of "real estate". By doing that, you'll turn your Facebook profile into a marketing "funnel" that funnels from just being visitors on your profile to becoming followers, leads and customers.

    Just like I mentioned with the Facebook groups strategy, there's also a science to how to pull this off with your personal profile. I included all of that inside of the free training I recorded for you, so if you haven't entered your email address to get instant access to it yet, click here to do that now.

    Facebook Marketing Tip #2: Use Hashtags

    This is a relatively new feature that Facebook decided to capitalize on recently. Technically, hashtags have been around for many years - but Facebook wasn't using them to expand the reach of your content.

    However, not long ago Facebook announced that they've decided to start using hashtags as a part of their algorithm to find the right kinds of people to put your content in front of. So what that means for you is if you're posting content on Facebook and it's set to 'Public' (allowing anybody on Facebook the ability to view your content)...

    ...then you increase your organic reach by simply attaching strategic hashtags to your posts that tell Facebook's algorithm what topic your post is about, or what kinds of people you want to have seeing it.

    I personally know someone who was able to grow his niche Facebook group to over 100,000+ members by using hashtags to get his group and content in front of targeted audiences on Facebook.

    If you want some great pointers on how to use hashtags to increase your organic reach with your Facebook marketing content, here's an article from another website that might help you out.

    Facebook Marketing Tip #3: How to Keep Up With Facebook's Constant Changes

    As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the big struggles with Facebook marketing in 2021 or any years is the fact that Facebook is changing things all the time. That means some of the strategies that work today can become obsolete in a year from now (or even sooner).

    The best way to stay ahead of the changes and keep your finger on the pulse of what's working is to become a part of online communities where marketers who are in the trenches discuss what's working for them and what isn't. That way, if a technique is no longer effective, it won't be long before you find out.

    I've created my own Facebook group which now has over 3,600 marketers and entrepreneurs who discuss Facebook marketing and other platforms every single day. If you'd like to join us, you can do so by clicking here.

    Final Thoughts

    In summary, Facebook is constantly updating its platform, so it's important to stay up to date and know what's working in the "here and now" when it comes to using leveraging Facebook marketing in 2021 (or any year after it).

    As things stand right now, three tips that can help you hit the ground running are:

    1. Focus more on leveraging your personal profile and Facebook groups rather than relying on "Pages" (unless you plan to run paid ads - in which case, you'll need a page).
    2. Use hashtags to your advantage.
    3. Join online marketing communities such as this one so you can stay informed with what's working and what isn't every time Facebook makes a change to their platform.

    I hope those tips helped you out! If you'd like more content like this to help you grow your audience and business online, check out my YouTube channel here, where I upload new videos every single Friday.

    Zeky Ahmed

    About Zeky Ahmed

    Zeky Ahmed is the founder of CultBuilders.com - He helps impact-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of direct response marketing and the internet to build, monetize and scale their own highly-devoted and lucrative "cult" audiences online.

    If you'd like Zeky to help you grow your business and audience, click the button below to check out his flagship incubator program, Cult Builders Elite™.

    Zeky Ahmed

    About Zeky Ahmed

    Zeky Ahmed is the founder of CultBuilders.com - He helps impact-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of direct response marketing and the internet to build, monetize and scale their own highly-devoted and lucrative "cult" audiences online.

    If you'd like Zeky to help you grow your business and audience, click the button below to check out his flagship incubator program, Cult Builders Elite™.