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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: We do not believe in "get rich quick" programs or anything that promises guaranteed results with little to no effort. That's why we're very upfront about the fact that what we teach is not easy. Being a part of Cult Builders Elite™ will require real consistent hard work, patience and dedicating yourself to building the necessary skills to get results. Our program's goal is to provide you with the training and support you need to start growing your own highly engaged and profitable community of followers, but we will NOT do the work for you. Like any worthwhile endeavour, success will not come without effort and results will vary. It will require true commitment, discipline and consistent daily action from you. The results stated on this site are nothing more than examples of what's possible and we do not imply you will get the same or similar results, or any results for that matter. We cannot, do not and will not make any guarantees to you about the results you may get, as that will depend entirely on what YOU do with the information we provide you, along with other factors that may affect your results such as the economy, your industry, and the nature of your business idea. Building a real business requires a lot of work and involves risk. If you can't accept that and/or you expect to build an audience or make money with little to no effort, DO NOT join this program or any program provided by Zeky Enterprises Inc.

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